Adilyn McCray

About Me

Adi is a Windsor High School graduate. She chose to participate in Shelby County CEO because she is planning on going into the field of journalism, and she thought this class would open her eyes to the business field. Outside of school and classes, Adi participates in student council, national honors society, volleyball, and physics club, WYSE club, and currently holds the position of Miss Shelby County. She may also be found working at El Vaquero in Mattoon, Illinois. CEO has taught Adi the value of connections throughout the workforce, as well as how much her county has to offer! She has written a book for her individual business called “How I Found The One.” It is about how she found God, and through this, she hopes that others can relate to her situations throughout her book!

About My Business






DISC Characteristics

  • Likely to initiate action, prefer variety and a faster pace, may miss smaller details, big-picture oriented.
  • Effective coach/counselor, optimistic attitude, friendly, sociable, prefer lots of contact with people.
  • Prefer a moderately structured environment, multi-task fairly well, like a faster pace - but not chaotic, change is fine if needed.
  • Skeptical of fads or new ideas until proven, excellent critical thinking and problem solver, prefer a neat and clean work environment, use lots of details when explaining tasks to others, and prefer to do it right the first time.