Kiefer Reel

About Me

Kiefer is a senior at Stewardson-Strasburg High School. He chose to participate in Shelby County CEO because he wanted to learn more about the businesses in our community and learn how to run his own. Outside of school and classes, Kiefer participates in Scholar Bowl, NHS, Drama Club, Band, Drumline and Leo Club. He used to work at Cracker Barrel in Effingham but has since moved on to work at his church as an intern. CEO has already taught Kiefer the value of teamwork and communication. He is looking forward to a successful class business and hopes that his individual business will thrive as well. Coronavirus has also taught Kiefer a valuable lesson that things don't always go as planned and you have to be alright with that.






DISC Characteristics

  • Tend to lead by doing, not delegating. Prefer to not make important decisions quickly while weighing pros and cons.
  • Sociable and ready to talk with others, friendly, and prefer an environment with people.
  • Doesn't like to rock the boat, will create order if it doesn't exist, consistent and predictable.
  • Excellent at gathering details, may be passive-aggressive when disagreeing, prefers structure, somewhat restrained in expressing emotions.