Megan Colclasure

About Me

Megan is a graduate of Windsor High School. She participated in CEO because it was out of her comfort zone. Outside of school and classes, Megan participates in fishing. She might also be caught working at her aunt's house babysitting. CEO has taught her patience. She has had a hard time adapting to change in the world but CEO helps make the world seem normal. Megan has started her own business called “Pups n’ more. She sells homemade dog treats. She plans to expand her business and continue after CEO. You can contact her by email at  or pupsnmore on Instagram.

About My Business






DISC Characteristics

  • Decisive, practical, and like results without delay and fluff. Might seem argumentative without noticing or meaning to be. Results oriented.
  • Effective coach/counselor, prefer a flexible environment, confident and poised in small or large groups.
  • Prefer a faster-paced environment, but not chaotic. Comfortable acting alone to determine best course of action, yet flexible enough to deal with change openly.
  • Change is fine, when you understand why it is necessary, practical, realistic, and may not follow the "norm."