Vivian Ard

About Me

Vivian Ard is a graduate of Windsor High School. With joining the CEO program, she has made multiple networking relationships and learned about local businesses she wasn’t even aware of! Along with being a student of the CEO program, she has opened her own business: Yassified!! by Vivian. Yassified!! by Vivian is a service-based business where Viv goes from door to door, teaching inexperienced individuals skills and tips about makeup while glamifying them for their event. She doesn’t plan to continue this business following her enrollment to Lake Land College in the fall; however, Vivian is sure to grab people’s attention with her colorful energy. Her future plans consist of going to Lake Land then transferring to Millikin University while majoring in graphic design with a minor in game design.


In the meantime, keep updated with her entrepreneurial adventure on Facebook and Instagram @yassifiedbyvivian 






DISC Characteristics

  • Prefers to evaluate before acting, supports others, may hesitate to share his opinion
  • Loves people and interacting, optimistic, enthusiastic, may be impulsive
  • Likes a fast pace, but not chaos; accepts needed change
  • Respectful, prefers a neat workplace, appreciates details