Makayla Thompson

About Me

Makayla is a Junior at Cowden-Herrick High School. She is very active in her school's FFA chapter as the Reporter. Makayla is on the honor roll and is in Spanish club. She helps her dad on the farm. They raise cattle and chickens as well as harvest corn and beans. Makayla has a couple of mowing jobs and also babysits. In her free time she likes to shop, bake, and spend time with her friends. After High School, Makayla is unsure what she wants to do, but she thinks she might go to college to become a dental hygienist.


“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” - Henry Ford 






DISC Characteristics

  • Decisive | Preference for problem solving and getting results
  • Interactive | Preference for interacting with others and showing emotion
  • Stability | Preference for pacing, persistence and steadiness
  • Cautious | Preference for procedures, standards and protocols