Chloe Frederick

About Me

Chloe Frederick is a senior at Shelbyville High School. She chose to participate in Shelby County CEO because she thought it would be a good experience to get familiar with these small businesses and their owners, and get an idea of how to start a business. Outside of school and classes, Chloe participates in Key Club and FFA. She may also be found working at Subway. CEO has already taught Chloe the value of knowing how to market and knowing people. She is looking forward to the class business with her peers, as well as starting her own personal business.  She plans on going to Illinois State University after high school and majoring in biology.






DISC Characteristics

  • Peaceful and non-confrontational, methodical, likes specialized work.
  • Influential and talkative, optimistic attitude, friendly.
  • Identify strongly with a group, amazing ability to calm upset people, ready to help, loyal, may resist change.
  • May be passive-aggressive when disagreeing, quality control is important, detailed, neat, excellent critical thinking and problem solving ability.