Dalton Hoadley

About Me

Dalton Hoadley is a Shelbyville High School graduate.  Outside of school and classes, Dalton participates in track, swimming, boating, and motorcycling. He may also be found working at Lithia Springs Marina. CEO taught him the value of having good people skills and how to work better as a teammate.  He joined CEO to make connections and learn more about business. Dalton owns the business, “Hoadley’s Engraving,” and runs a very professional outfit. He is available at Hoadley’s Engraving on Facebook and Instagram or email him at hoadleysengraving@gmail.com.

About My Business






DISC Characteristics

  • Can take credit or blame, big-picture focused, resourceful and adaptable, direct, prefer being in control.
  • Appreciate free speech and open expression, enjoys helping other as coach/counselor/teacher, enthusiastic, may procrastinate on detail-oriented work.
  • Prefer to avoid mistakes, flexible, will create order if needed, works steadily on task completion.
  • Prefer variety over routine work and independence over direct control, never a dull moment, rules are guidelines.