Trinity Turner

About Me

Trinity Turner is a senior at Shelbyville High School. She joined the CEO program to learn how to market and hopefully learn the advantages and disadvantages of running a business. Also, she would like to develop more communication skills. Outside of school and classes,Trinity participates in tennis and track. She may also be found working at Wal-Mart. The CEO program has already taught Trinity the value of teamwork. She hopes to continue to love teamwork as it boosts her communication skills. She is looking forward to continuing boosting those skills as well as developing others, such as marketing and leadership skills, as both will help her in the future.






DISC Characteristics

  • Lead by example, modest, may hesitate to make decisions quickly, thoroughly analyze.
  • Prefer a flexible and creative environment, effective coach/counselor, charming, could benefit from more organization.
  • Patient, dislike conflict, calm (at least on the outside), excellent team player, identify strongly with your groups/organizations.
  • Detail-oriented, skeptical of new fads, may disagree passive-aggressively.