Trinity Shupe

About Me

Trinity Shupe is a graduate of Windsor High School. Trinity’s business is Shupe's Shots Photography. Through CEO, she has learned better communication skills like she had wanted in the beginning. She has made good connections with other photographers, and is learning more and more about her business everyday. Although COVID-19 has been hard for business owners, she is doing her best. Trinity looks forward to continuing her business after CEO!






DISC Characteristics

  • Avoids confrontations, appreciate policies to avoid surprises, analyze problems instead of jumping to conclusions, want info before making a decision.
  • Prefer democratic not dictatorial work relationships. Effective coach/counselor, generous with your time, and work well when interacting with others.
  • Even in chaos, remains cool and calm (at least on the outside). Needs time to adjust to change. Ready and willing to pitch in. Likes to be connected/identified with an organization.
  • If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right the first time. Excellent at gathering detailed info and examples, may be skeptical until proven otherwise.