Sydney Doty

About Me

Sydney Doty is a Cowden-Herrick High School graduate. CEO has taught Sydney the value of working as a team and the importance of compromising. She chose to participate in Shelby County CEO because she is interested in the business world and hopes to own a small business someday. Outside of school and classes, Sydney can be found baking tasty treats and making sugar scrubs for her business. Her business is called Simply Scrubtastic where she makes homemade sugar scrubs. Sugar scrubs are an exfoliating skin product that leave your skin feeling silky smooth. She plans to attend Lake Land College and get a degree in Business Management. For more information on her business follow her Facebook and Instagram at simplyscrubtastic or email her at






DISC Characteristics

  • May be quiet in teams or heated discussions, prefers a slower, methodical approach to decision-making, may depend on others to help make decisions.
  • Sociable, talkative, prefers democratic over dictatorial styles, my prefer to get results with people rather than self.
  • Excellent team player, appears calm and cool on the outside (even if not on the inside), prefers consistency and structure.
  • Rules are meant to be followed. Logical and detail-oriented, approaches new ideas with caution.